DYRK1A Mentioned in NIH Lecture

In October 2014 Nature published an article about disruptive genes found in Autism. It described the findings of a large study using exome sequencing on nearly 2500 patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They found recurrent disruptive mutations in 6 genes that may contribute to 1% of sporadic cases of ASD; CHD8, DYRK1A, GRIN2B, TBR1, PTEN, and TBL1XR1. These genes were found to be disruptive in more than one individual from the study while other candidate genes were only seen once. To get a better understanding of this research you can read the story shared on Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Watch the NIH Lecture by Evan Eichler about this study in this YouTube Video.

DYRK1A is mentioned in the following segments of the video; 2012 Autism Exome Sequencing beginning at 23.00, Proving Specific Genes beginning at 36.20, Molecular Subtyping & Phenotype 38.10, DYRK1A Autism Subtype 50.00