1 of 100 Genes Identified in Autism

DYRK1A is one of the 100+ genes mentioned in this CBS segment. Though DYRK1A or any other genes aren't specifically mentioned in the segment it is in fact one of the genes found in the study they were talking about. In the study they were only looking at the DNA of those with Autism. However Autism isn't the only developmental disorder that affects individuals with a mutation in the DYRK1A. Two other studies indicate that a mutation in the DYRK1A could cause symptoms of Autism, Intellectual Disability or Both; Disruptive de novo mutations of DYRK1A lead to a syndromic form of autism and ID, The DYRK1A gene is a cause of syndromic intellectual disability with severe microcephaly and epilepsy. In our small community 23 people responded to a quick survey; 7 had been diagnosed with Autism, 15 had been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment & 21 had been diagnosed with developmental delay.