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Tiger Study

The University of Washington’s Autism Center is performing a study to better understand the medical, learning, and behavioral features of individuals with genetic changes in the following genes; ADNP, ANK2, ARID1B, CHD1, CHD2, CHD8, CTNNB1, CTTNBP2, DSCAM, DYRK1A, FOXP1, GRIN2B, KDM6B, LARP4B, MBD5, MED13L, NCKAP1, PARD3B, POGZ, PTEN, SCN2A, SETBP1, SETD2, STXBP1, TBL1XR1, TBR1, TCF7L2, WAC, WDFY3, WDR33, ZMYND11.

Participants must be 4 years or older and have a change in one of these genes.

Families who are interested in learning more, or would like to participate, can contact the study team:


Simons VIP Connect

The Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) is an online community and research initiative. The Simons Variation in Individuals Project (Simons VIP) is an online community and research initiative. They provide a platform for families and researchers to connect and better understand the following genetic changes; ACTL6B, ADNP, AHDC1, ANK2, ANKRD11, ARID1B, ASH1L, ASXL3, BCL11A, CHAMP1, CHD2, CHD8, CSNK2A1, CTBP1, CTNNB1, CUL3, DDX3X, DNMT3A, DSCAM, DST, DYRK1A, FOXP1, GRIN2A, GRIN2B, HIVEP2, HNRNPH2, KAT6A, KATNAL2, KDM5B, KDM6B, KMT2C, KMT2E, KMT5B, MBD5, MED13L, PACS1, PBRM1, POGZ, PPP2R5D, PTCHD1, PTEN, PURA, REST, SCN2A, SETBP1, SETD5, SMARCA4, SMARCC1, SMARCC2, STXBP1, SYNGAP1 & TBR1.

To learn more about this initiative contact the team

  • Email:

  • Phone: 855-329-5638

  • Fax: 570-214-7327

  • Website:



Genetics of Intellectual Disabilities & Autism is a social network that aims at collecting data on the natural history, medical complications, behavioral troubles and responses to treatments for patients affected by genetically determined intellectual disabilities (ID) and/or autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which includes changes in DYRK1A. They will do this by gather information from patients/families and professionals.

Visit to learn more.

DYRK1A Patient Research

Published articles that describe patients with DYRK1A Syndrome


DRYK1A Gene Research

Published articles that involve the DYRK1A Gene