2019 Poland DYRK1A Family Meetup Conference

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The event will be organized in Hotel “Orle” in Sobieszewo (district of Gdansk). Sobieszewo is localized on the small island and the Hotel is surrounded by forest and wild nature. There is a beach near the Hotel (about 200 m). On the island you can also find the nature reserve (Ptasi Raj – Birds Paradise) and a number of bicycle trails.

City Tour - Friday, August 30th, 2019

All participants are invited to join us during city tour on Friday. For details please contact us by email (contact information can be found at the end of the brochure).

Conference - Saturday, August 30th, 2019

During the conference day kids will have opportunity to spend time at the entertainment room or at the playground in Hotel’s gardens under the supervision of personal carer. The “booking” of personal carer should be reported until the end of June 2019 to conference organizers.

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You can find more information about the Sobieszewo and Gdansk using following links:

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The registration of participants will be possible until the end of July 2019. However, it would be very helpful if you can declare your participation as soon as possible.

Any questions, declarations and propositions can be sent to: Ania and Szymon Dziomba - dyrk1aconference@gmail.com.