Tiger Study

The University of Washington’s Autism Center is performing a study to better understand the medical, learning, and behavioral features of individuals with genetic changes in the following genes; ADNP, ANK2, ARID1B, CHD1, CHD2, CHD8, CTNNB1, CTTNBP2, DSCAM, DYRK1A, FOXP1, GRIN2B, KDM6B, LARP4B, MBD5, MED13L, NCKAP1, PARD3B, POGZ, PTEN, SCN2A, SETBP1, SETD2, STXBP1, TBL1XR1, TBR1, TCF7L2, WAC, WDFY3, WDR33, ZMYND11. Participants must be 4 years or older and have a change in one of these genes.

Families who are interested in learning more, or would like to participate, can contact the study team: